Saturday, March 6, 2010

Giving It A Rest (Richmond, VA)

I might very well be back on track with the lift weight-lose weight-dance more-eat less program that I've set for myself. Except that I haven't done the weight lifting yet.

Last Saturday I did, however, take five (yes, five) dance workshops to improve my not so hot bachata and my salsa styling. In the evening I spent three hours dancing, trying to remember what I'd learned. On Sunday morning, I had my zumba class, and by Sunday afternoon, my knee was making popping noises so loud that I could have merely walked into an audition for percussionists and landed a spot on the spot.

Monday morning I awoke to the sounds of a normal knee (i.e., silence) but the tendon was so tight that I could have limped into an audition for percussionists and landed a position as a drum.

On Thursday evening I went to my regular salsa class and dance, but the same knee and/or maybe the other one was protesting. I was not quite up to sub-par.

I've decided to skip today's zumba workout and, hopefully, to stop the snap, crackle, pop, and pull of my knee by taking it easy. I'm not planning any running or even walking around.

Maybe the rest will make the rest of the weekend better; I do plan to zumba tomorrow.