Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blockhead (Richmond, VA)

My head is on the block, along with thousands of others'. Our illustrious new governor and our state's and country's economic woes promise to place in jeopardy one out of every five positions in the school system for which I work. Everybody is nervous, wondering who will stay and who will go.

One of my colleagues is two days away from buying a new house. Another has a pre-existing medical condition. Yet another is only a few years away from retirement. I love my job.

In this culture, where we are defined by what we do to earn a living, being jobless means being considered a leach, a burden, or a bum. Even when unemployment skyrockets, as it has, the longer one is unemployed, the less chance he or she has of snagging a new job.

You're either over- or under-qualified. Desperate or disinterested. Lazy or loser.

We might very well be what we eat, but -- in the USA -- we are what we do or don't.

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