Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fitness Challenged Part II (Richmond, VA)

I am, I don't know, 3 weeks into the fitness challenge to get into my best shape ever and, boy, am I ever making progress! Unfortunately, it's not in the right direction.

Due to the snows that I have been griping about, my innate lethargy, my love of food and lack of self-restraint, and my usual contrariness, I have gained seven pounds. At this rate, I will win the booby prize...

Yesterday I tried to make up for lost time by zumba-ing barefoot (but not pregnant) in the kitchen. This morning I (barely) survived my class and now I find myself (a recovering zumba-ist?) at a bookstore cafe, trying to avoid the chocolate chip cookies. As they call out to me -- "Yoohoo! We're a balanced snack: chocolate, flour, sugar, and butter!" -- I am drinking a cup of green tea (straight) that is a poor, poor substitute sugar-fix for my mouthful of sweet teeth.

Maybe I need to start a chapter of Chocoholics Anonymous?

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