Monday, September 7, 2009

Caller ID'd (Richmond, VA)

Someone who lives with me -- and made me promise that I won't mention his name -- comes home and finds a frightening message on the answering machine...

He hears what appears to be a scuffle. Papers are being scrunched. A body is being dragged along the floor, the muffled sounds of a man's voice in the background, undecipherable but suggesting mayhem.

The tape plays on for 15 minutes. The listener tries to figure out what's going on. An accident with rescue crew? Me, being kidnapped and/or murdered, recording my last moments by turning on my cell phone -- hoping he'll get the message and send help?

He hits *69 to retrieve the caller's number, to be able to give something to the police. The voicebot recites the number: 80.....

It's the listener's very own cell phone. He must have bumped it, nestled in his pocket, speed-dialed the home number, and recorded his entire visit to the neighborhood supermarket.

The person, whose name I will not mention, erases the message but not the memory.

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