Saturday, January 29, 2011

Too Many Choices, Too Little Time (Richmond, VA)

I have often thought it would be fun to learn kickboxing. Okay, so that won't come as news to those of you I bullied and/or beat up when we were kids, but most of you still believe that I am rather meek and mild. And the truth is that I am not interested in kicking or boxing anybody but rather in the movements, themselves, and the toning that would naturally ensue from working my butt off, both literally and figure-atively. I was, therefore, highly tempted to buy the recent Groupon deal offering me three group kickboxing lessons, a helmet, and a session of personal coaching.

But, at around the same time -- and there's only a 24-hour window in which to grab a Groupon -- I received an e-mail informing me of the myriad opportunities available to take belly dance lessons. In my zumba class, belly-dancing moves are among my favorites. I took a few lessons in Mexico last summer and was reminded of how much I love the music, the rhythms, the undulating movements. I had studied the art when I was a twenty-something residing in Manhattan, and had really enjoyed it. Or rather, I'd enjoyed it until I was asked to coordinate sounding those little finger cymbals (zims? zits?)with moving the rest of my body -- and couldn't. But here I am with all the necessary belly-dancing equipment: hips, belly, a jangly hip scarf, and, somewhere around here, some now-rusty little cymbals. Plus, conquering those body isolations will make my salsa saucier.

But I just enrolled in salsa classes. I took one two weeks ago, had to skip last week, and am finding lots of scheduling challenges and conflicts. I purchased a 10-class card, which I must use before June. So, I think I need to focus on refining my salsa.

However, I also want to better my bachata, the Dominican dance that I get to do from time to time at salsa events. I took an hour-long workshop last year, but I don't remember anything -- except that I'd be too embarrassed to replicate the moves that were taught: way too provocative. But I'm sure that there are others that I could add to my repertoire without taking away anything from my reputation or what's left thereof.

And I would really like to take a course in Bollywood-style dance. The music is fun, the movements energetic, with lots of belly-dancing undulations. You don't need a partner, either. Thank goodness, no classes are offered around here. One less choice....

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