Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Buenos Dias! (Mexico City, Mexico)

Be forewarned. A living creature has actually died -- but was not intentionally killed (not by me, anyway)-- in the making of this blog entry. Those of you with strong ties to PETA or weak stomachs may wish to skip to whatever comes next and wonder, for the rest of your lives, what you missed....

I´m breakfasting at my usual eatery. This time, however, there´s a surprise in my soup. I´m relieved that the roach I fish out is not missing any parts. (Rule Numero Dos: Always examine your food before you eat it.) I place it on the side of my bowl and continue eating. Note: I´ve eaten lots of insects over the years, so not eating one is no big deal.

I do call over my waitress, however, and report that I´ve found some fresh meat in my soup. I point out the cucaracha. She smiles.

I say,¨Ït didn´t eat too much.¨

Obviously delighted that I would be able to enjoy my full portion, she gives me an even wider smile and walks away.

I finish the soup.

And so, a beautiful day begins.

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