Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cold Spot (Richmond, VA)

These are the gloomy days, the chilly, rainy days of Richmond. Intro to Winter 101. Have there been four or five or a hundred of these days in a row? Don't know, but it feels as if this grayity has settled into my very bones.

Rain falls in cascades, sheets, cats and dogs, maybe even lions, tigers, and bears. Tempers run short and high.

Everyone looks pale and sickly. I feel rather ill, myself. Congested. Coughing. Sneezy and wheezy.

Surrendering to the malaise, I stay in bed for an entire day and night, mostly sleeping. I cut back on activities, missing dances, classes, and various intriguing events. I will unsnail once the clouds lift and the sun shines.

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